We need the necessity to introduce ourselves to you. We are simple persons like you, with plenty of interests on programming, web design, systems, open source projects and more. We just want to share our daily experience with you. We try to write articles and tutorials and spend some off our leisure time in blogging to this site.

We are from Greece, a country that faces a lot of problems mainly in the economical domain. This motivates us to keep giving our best to this website.

All articles you can find to this site (HowTo, tutorials ) are offered in good faith as comprising of proper programming and procedures. Though webplay.pro makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information on this website, no responsibility is accepted by the author(s) for any loss or damage which may occur from a direct or indirect result from use of this information.

We suggest taking the following precautions before proceeding with any instructional information found online.

  • Thoroughly read the instructions, make sure you understand the end result.
  • Backup system data before issuing changes. We recommend /home and /etc folders.
  • Additions to configuration files should be dated and commented.
  • Keep a change log. Noting changes to the system is helpful for future reference.

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