Managing network on FreeBSD

FreeBSD administration is a little bit different from linux. At the moment I had only experience as a hobbyist. Now I have to prepare my self for more enterprise experience on this Operating System.

That was an a little introduction about why I am going to post some freebsd relative articles.

Lets get into the issue of the article.

In order to restart network you have to run the following command:

service netif restart

This is not going to change routing tables produced before.
If you want to reproduce the routing tables you have to the following command:

service routing restart

And now if you want to do it in a simple command:

service netif restart && service routing restart

That was about services!

Now let’s see how you can manage interfaces.

the old time classic method to see the status of all interfaces:

ifconfig -a

to list the down network interfaces:

ifconfig -d

to list the up network interfaces:

ifconfig -u

to stop a network interface:

ifconfig network-interface down

to start a network interface:

ifconfig network-interface up

Now let’s see how to view the routing table:

netstat -rn

One of my future posts will be about disabling ipv6 networking.

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