My first class on Coursera

It was three months ago since I decided to have a new experience with coursera. It was my first time on e-learning. I am a post-graduate student on Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of University of Patras (Greece). So I thought that an introduction class to a programming language wouldn’t be so tough. I have learned the basics of dozen programming languages. I was interested in learning python, and that was the chance for me. I choose the class: An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python, more for python and less for the Interactive part. That was my fault, because it was my first experience in Interactive Programming and it was so cool!!! Python was just the starting tool. I completed successfully the class with a grade of 99.4%. Event driven programming combined with object driven and test driven programming was a very nice experience. Now I am going to have more classes, in order to widen my area of interests in Computer Science. Below is a screenshot of my Statement of Accomplishment. I recommend to any of you whatever level of your expertise to attend a class on coursera.
Coursera interactivepython 2013

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