set locale terminal settings on Mac OS X

One of my first experiences with Mac OS, was the locale errors and warnings when using ssh connections. Then I understood, that this was a problem occurred by mac os terminal. Locale settings by default are accepted from ssh client.

Then I run:


and the output was:


I then edited /etc/profile and added these two lines:

export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8  
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

Then I opened a new terminal session and run:


and the output was:


After these committing these changes, I transfer my locale settings to my ssh connections and all problems solved.

Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts

My first bad experience using my new Macbook Air, was mainly because the new shortcut learning and discovering curve.

File Handling Shortcuts

The first thing I googled for was cut, cut for files! Hehe, apple got an orange for me. There is no cut logic in Mac OS X. Macintosh uses the copy function, and then the move to function.

  • Copy – Paste = Command+C – Command+V
  • Copy – Move ( or Windows friends Cut -Paste) = Command+C – Command+Option+V

Text Navigation Shortcuts

  • Jump to the beginning of a line = Command+Left Arrow
  • Jump to the end of a line = Command+Right Arrow
  • Jump to the beginning of current word = Option+Right Left
  • Jump to the end of current word = Option+Right Arrow
  • Jump to the beginning of all text = Command+Up Arrow
  • Jump to the end of all text = Command+Down Arrow

Text Selection Shortcuts

  • Select text to the beginning of a line = Shift+Command+Left Arrow
  • Select text to the end of a line = Shift+Command+Right Arrow
  • Select text to the beginning of current word = Shift+Option+Right Left
  • Select text to the end of current word = Shift+Option+Right Arrow
  • Select text to the beginning of all text = Shift+Command+Up Arrow
  • Select text to the end of all text = Shift+Command+Down Arrow

Document Navigation

  • Page up = fn+Up Arrow
  • Page down = fn+Down Arrow
  • First Page (Home) = fn+Left Arrow
  • Last Page (End) = fn+Right Arrow

Macbook air mid 2013 review

There hasn’t been more than two hours from the moment I opened my new Macbook Air mid 2013. It’s a 13.3 inch Macbook Air with 128Gb ssd, 8Gb ram and an Intel i5 processor.

Firstly, let me explain, why I decided to buy a Mac. Since 1995 I have been A Microsoft’s Windows user exploring each one of it’s Operating System’s version. I was in love with Windows, but when I firstly got into touch with Linux (Debian and Ubuntu Distros), I started to reconsider Windows functionality and even more stability.

As a developer and System Administrator I admit that Microsoft’s Windows is a more Enterprise Environment. I can develop projects, using php, java, c, c++ on Linux Environment, but I cannot use Office Suite or other Alternatives, to be productive. On the other side I could use office suite on a Windows Environment, lot of developing tools (exceptions are all but git guis but for Source Tree, and terminal emulators – Putty it’s good but not as linux terminal). So I got my self balancing between Linux and Windows, Virtualised Environments and making use both of them.

One month ago, I decided that I have to replace my old laptop, because at first it was getting slower and slower, day by day and I cannot develop lots and big projects. I started searching which laptop fits my needs and expectations. There were lot’s of factors. First one, was the money I wanted to spend for my new laptop. I didn’t want to give more than 500 €.

Another factor was the performance, an intel i3 3rd generation processor, memory expandable upto at least 8gb ram. I would give 300 € more to upgrade memory to top and buy an ssd, to reach my performance expectations. So the total price was 800 €.

There was a problem, found on all laptops. I don’t like their display’s resolution. On 13.3 up to 15.6 inch laptops there is a screen with 1366×768 resolution. Trying to find a more suitable solution for my needs I found lenovo ideapad y500 model with a 1920×1080. The price was about 1000 € and I decided not to upgrade it’s ram and hdd to an ssd. I decided to buy it, because it has the capability to get a secondary hdd, and I like lenovo’s laptop. Another problem with all 15.6 inch laptops is the keyboard with the numpad. I don’t like it so much, but this was a minor issue. The time I was ordering my “new” laptop an newsletter arrived, and a notification from thunderbird push the message headline to my screen. It was the upcoming week’s crazy deals from a local store, and this newsletter interrupted my order’s procedure.

I thought let’s get a glance before buying my new laptop. I saw that the great deal for this week, was this macbook air. I said myself, forget about it, I am out of budget already. The price was 1219 € for this cute laptop. I admit it, that I find cute almost every apple’s product, but I am not a apple “golden boy”. I thought as an idiot consumer that was a victim of apple’s propaganda, but then thinking a bit more clearer I saw that the lenovo was out of budget too, and with cost of the upgrade it will be more expensive than this macbook. Maybe more powerful at graphics when playing games ( I don’t play games at this phase of my life ) or video editing but with some bad critics about temperature management and power consumption. Recalling that lenovo has a keyboard with numpad, I took the decision to buy this macbook.

It got the store two weeks to ship my item. These two weeks was the most decision balancing weeks of my life. I was thinking to call and cancel my order thinking that too much money for an operating system that you had never tested, for a mainstream product that you may never like. From the other side I was thinking that I can have a uix like operating system ( bsd based to be more precise ) with the goods of the “Enterprise” products like Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite. The two most valuable products that I could not find on a Linux System. There are good alternatives on Linux but I feel like home with Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I also thought there is my chance to test this Operating System, apple’s products and develop on cocoa. The next time I felt like a fool, asking my self  if I could  connect to my office “Microsoft’s vpn”, could make remote desktop connections, could run vsphere client? Googling on all issues I thought on these two weeks.

The truth is that some tools I use daily, are missing from OS X, but I believe that I can find a way to do my job. I cannot tell you this time how satisfied I am from the laptop or from the operating system. The only thing I can tell is that I was worried about big temperatures when running three or four applications (skype, office, netbeans, chrome) at a time.

I hope that I made the right decision.