PEAR Net_SMTP class

If you have enabled the smtp server at horde mailer settings then you have to install the Net_SMTP package from pear.

You can check your conf.php file under config folder

One way to do this is to cat this file and grep mailer

cat conf.php | grep mailer
$conf['mailer']['params']['host'] = '';
$conf['mailer']['params']['port'] = 25;
$conf['mailer']['params']['auth'] = true;
$conf['mailer']['type'] = 'smtp';

I was not able to send mail from the webmail, and I check the logs from apache. I saw these logs:

tail -f apache_error.log
[error]  PHP Fatal error: Class 'Net_SMTP' not found in .../php5/lib/php/Horde/Mail/Transport/Smtp.php on line 271, referer:

So I checked the Smtp.php file and I saw that the Net_SMTP class is required

 * SMTP implementation.
 * Requires the Net_SMTP class.

To install the Net_SMTP with PEAR you have to

pear install Net_SMTP

After this procedure I was able to send mail through my smtp server.

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