Upgrade from Centos 6.3 to Centos 6.4

Supposing that you have a clear installation of a Centos 6.3 and you want to upgrade it to Centos 6.4, you have to do two steps to complete this process. The first step is to run a yum update command:

yum update

The second step is to remove the deprecated matahari, as proposed from Centos 6.4 Release Notes

To ensure that you have successfully upgraded to 6.4 run the command:

cat /etc/redhat-release

if Centos Relsease 6.4 (Final) is the content of the /etc/redhat-release file then you can continue to the next step:

yum erase matahari*

If it’s a clean installation, possibly there is no remains of matahari packages on the system.

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