My new raspberry pi 2 – Choosing the SD card

I think almost every tech savvy guy has listen some things for the raspberry pi. In case you don’t please take a moment to give it a look. It’s just a perfect starting point to create some great projects for your home. I ‘ve just bought my new raspberry pi 2. I am a great fun of raspberry pi, I already own two raspberry pis. I use one as my media center running OpenELEC and one as my home webserver to use some opensource projects like couchpotato over raspbian. It was time for me to get the “new” quad core model with 1Gb of RAM. What’s I am going to use it for? Home automation. My new raspberry pi is my ticket to the IoT trip I want to go. For the moment I am trying to find the best equipment to buy to keep my raspi’s (raspi is my favorite code name for raspberry pi) performance at the top level.

Storage for Operating System

Raspberry Pi uses an SD card to store the bootloader and the operating system to load. The older raspberry pi was using an SD card while the new one is using a  micro-SD card. From my previous experience of my first raspis I had some issues with some of the SD cards, not knowing a lot about their performance then. I got two Toshiba SD-C064GR7AR30 class 10 SD cards and I thought that I would have a great performance experience with them. That was not true. The class of the card is an index of its performance. The higher the class (highest is class 10) the quicker the card is. But we should keep in mind that SD cards are mainly used in digital cameras. For a camera the SD card is used to store the pictures we shoot. So the fastest the write (storing procedure of the picture) is the best for the camera’s performance in number of shootings per second. So the SD card fine tuned for this type of use.

Regarding the performance of an SD card used in the Raspberry Pi we should keep in mind that after the data is read a lot more frequently than written. The io tasks are made (written) in and (read) from differing locations on the card. This difference in the way Raspberry Pi uses the SD card, means that manufacturers rating may not be so accurate for this specific usage. So we need to get advice of this matrix of performance to select a best fit for our Raspberry Pi.

I am going to buy the Samsung PRO microSDHC 16GB UHS-I Class 10 card (Model number MB-MG16E) from a local store to check if it’s a good fit for my needs according to the matrix.

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